Wednesday, December 28, 2011

busy day

It's not yet tomorrow but I don't know how to manage my time for all the things I need to finish for tomorrow.
  • First thing in the morning, I have to submit the credit card commission accruals. 
  • Finish the priority club reconciliation as revenue needs to post it within the day. And I think it's 300+ or more, manual recon. Checking one by one by one by one.
  • Then this all credit card refunds I need to process. Think I got 5 or 6 on stand by mode. And I have to chase Terrafirma as they used the old form. And Steve as I  sent him the details of the pending excess charge made by BBC. Arghhh....
  • Then posting of bank transfers. The never ending bank transfers. I need to post all payments credited in the bank or else I'm dead meat. Aside from month end closing, it's also the year end so we need all the collection posted and allocated at the same time.
  • Credit card reconciliation for the three properties. Makram will definitely kill me if he founds out that am 10days late. What to do yani?
  • Transfer all the invoices. Ahuhu...
  • Last minute follow up of payments (sending emails and calling up this wtf travel agents that will definitely sure not going to answer the phone and hides from us)
 May seem simple but they are actually time consuming. And I really needed to finish this as it's the year end now. How I hate year end closing.


Xprobert said...

Hi mama sam ever since i knew you, you were always been busy as a bee haha, BTW just wanna greet you happy holidays my friend =)

Xprobert said...
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sammiebear said...

ahaha... bc as a bee, that's me

happy holidays too!