Sunday, December 11, 2011

the chris brown concert and the buffalo chicken wings

Okay, in order for me to see the concert of Chris Brown for free, I needed to work in the concert. So I was assigned in the kitchen as the cashier manager or bar manager finance wtf. My main responsibilities are the cashiers, I will assist them if anything goes wrong. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was cool because a lot of people came to see him. But mostly teenagers. And the funny part was the moment they enter the venue, they were all running and screaming 'Chris Brown Chris Brown'! And we were all laughing just looking at them. Kids!

When the show started, I was really like standing on my toes to see the stage. Guess Niko saw me and called me to go with him. He took me to the front, as in front area. Sometimes I do really love Niko for being a nice guy. I was able to see Chris Brown near the stage. 

I know am bad but am so disappointed with Asad. I mean, he was the only one with a big discrepancy in his cashier and he was reasoning out something that he punched a wrong item but didn't bother to call me because he was too busy. I was like, wtf Asad! I've been telling them for the whole time to tell me for any problem, like incorrect posting or other cashier related things. And I've been asking them every opportunity I have if everything is going smoothly or they have any problem so we can fix it but all he said was he was ok. Yeah right, too ok that in the end, he was short of AED105. Fairly gave her tips of 40 to him, I don't know where he took the other 65 as I became busy with other things. It's such a shame that someone from finance was the only one who have shortage in his cashier, wtf!   

All in all, I had fun with the concert. And it was my first time to be cashier manager and I was glad everything went well (except for the Asad case).





Let me tell you the story of the fucking buffalo chicken wings.

At the end of the concert, Niko asked me what I want to eat so he can save it for me to eat it later. I told him I like the chicken wings. I put it inside where the cost control guys store their sodas as I have to fill out the yellow cards for the salary of other staffs. I thought my chicken wings are safe there. But I was wrong.

I was talking to other people when Sherzod and a lady from FO came beside me. Sherzod was giving me half of his hotdog but I told him that I do have my chicken wings that I will eat later. Then, the lady offered us a box of chicken wings and Sherzod took it from her offering me. I suddenly had this gut feeling that it was mine. So I asked her where did she got it, she told me someone gave it from her from the store room of the cost control. I almost go berserk when I found out that it was my chicken. And Sherzod was laughing like crazy to me because I almost screamed at the top of my lungs when I told him that it was mine. Sometimes, I do really act stupid in front of other people.

I saw Erlyn and I asked her if she can took care of my chicken wings while I finish my transaction in the general cashier. After that, we went back to IC to catch the 1:30am bus but when we reach there, there's no bus. While waiting, we sat in the golf cart parked on the side. Then we all decided to take a taxi since it's already 1:40 and we're so tired.

I decided to sleep in the taxi but halfway on the road, I suddenly remembered my chicken wings.  It was gone, I left it in the golf cart. I'm on the verge of crying while they were laughing at me. It turns out that there were three chicken wings left out of six (and I haven't had a single bite!) in the box

Out of frustration, I slept without eating because I can't get over about my buffalo chicken wings. Wtf!

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