Friday, September 23, 2011

bizzare as it sounds to be

Staring at my laptop then suddenly reminisce bizaare moments of my life.

Like the number of floors I used to live in. I remember when I used to live in Singapore, the first room I used to rent in a HDB flat at Woodlands is on 4th floor. Later moved to a condominium at Serangoon and landed on the 4th floor again. Then when I decided to move here in Dubai, I got a room at 6th floor at International City. Then when I moved to my new flat (coz I transferred to a new company), got a room again in 6th floor. Freaky.

This one blue blouse I had years ago. It's not my favorite but I like wearing it. Then when I browse my pictures saved in my laptop, found out I've got tons of pictures in different places at different occasions wearing the same shirt. And worst was that most of that pics was sooo good but I can't post them coz my friends might think I don't have any blouse coz I'm always wearing it. But honestly, I didn't do it on purpose. I admit am the laziest gal that just wears anything I first saw in the wardrobe, not bothering to choose.

Strange you may say, but I like the smell of luggage when you open it after a long flight from other country. When I was young, I used to like the smell of my father's luggage everytime he came home for a month or two vacation. It's weird but I really like it. Then when I started to travel, when I got home and opened my luggage, I smelled the same thing. And somehow makes me feel nostalgic and wanted to cry for no particular reason. I'm so silly sometimes.

Call me dumb, but I really don't know the country Qatar until I had my first job. And I was dumbstruck when they told me I'm going to handle the account of Qatar Airways cargo and I was like "where in the world is Qatar?". And they were all looking at me like am some kind of an idiot, but what to do? I really have no idea! Then I learned that it's located in middle east. Then years passed, my first ever international trip was to Qatar flying via Qatar Airways! And I'm all alone. It's my first time to fly to an airplane (am a late bloomer in all things) and am so freakin' nervous my ears are clogging. And to my luck, there's turbulance coz there's storm. To my surprise, I didn't notice that the airplane was shaking violently coz am also shaking out of my nervousness. Then when the plane landed, we went out in an open field and I was like, "where the fucking hell is the airport?" I was about to ask someone but he was speaking in Arabic and looking viciously to me I got scared. Then I saw all the passengers going to a shuttle bus so I let myself in. Then we were dropped to the airport and later was greeted by the driver who's going to drop me to the hotel. And then the rest of the events of the trip followed in the next few days.

I had a video call from my sister last last month then she told me bluntly that my face looks blank and bland. And suggested for me to put make up as much as possible. But is it a crime not to put one? I'm way too lazy to put make up. Honestly, everytime I tried to put a very decent eyeliner + eyeshadow, I always manage to finish only one eye. Then I will not be able to do the other eye, for no particular reason. I just can't do both eyes. So I end up removing the make up in one eye and just let my eyes as it is. I actually envy those ladies who can actually put a good make up, especially in the eyes. Why didn't I got any talent in that?




I actually got tons of things to write in here but I got hungry so I grab something to eat. When I was about to continue to write, all the ideas are gone... Gone in the wind...

Anyway, no choice but to post this as it is since I can't continue it anymore. Will continue to play The Sims for the meantime....

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