Tuesday, August 23, 2011

golf day!

I was supposed to post this yesterday but for some reason we lost our internet connection so I'll just post the pics today.


me with Simon, Mary & Erlyn

me with my perfect shot pose!

they provided club for left handed! how cool was that? last time that I went here, I used the regular club (for right handed) and I'm really having difficulty using it (coz am left handed)

me with the superstar group!

with Simon (head golf manager)

 the pesty black lady who's the culprit why I only had few pics because she keeps on asking me to take pictures of her. Do I look like a photographer?

 the perfect shot of a pro

Erlyn's pose without the ball

Dani was just striking a pose for a pic coz he wants to change his profile pic in fb with this

another group pic with Simon this time

beep beep! I did parked it correctly!

We had fun because our instructor was very nice and have a really long patience teaching us the do's and don'ts. Can't wait to play again...

So if you happen to visit Dubai and wants to play golf, I recommend for you to try Al Badia Golf Club. Aside from playing golf, you can relax and enjoy the food and spa that they are offering. As they say, they're offering 'more than just a golf'... ^_^

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