Friday, July 06, 2012


Well, not for me but for the people around me. Everybody's leaving. Either for good nor for vacation. I'm not sure if I made the right decision but still, I have to stick with it.

I sent the letter two days ago but the weird thing is it's not in my sent items. As much as I wanted to have the copy of what I've written there when I turned down the offer, I can't find it. I dunno what happened to my email but it's not there. And it sucks.

I know that he was quite disappointed with me and my decision. The weird thing was that why does he need to call my manager to tell him about me turning down the offer? Yakiii... Is he confirming something or what?

Now Nabil knows that coz he called him. And now everybody in the office knows that I'm not leaving. Which is shitty in some point. There's no secrecy in this damn office anymore, which bugs me a little. 

When I first joined IHG, I don't know anyone. Then slowly, I started gaining friends. Then we became a mafia. Then now, slowly, one by one is going away. First is Blesie. She was one of my closest friend. One thing that I learned from her was to have a word of honor. Once you commit or promise yourself about something to someone, no matter what happens, you should do it. No matter how big or small it is. Well if you know me, you will know how fickle minded I am. But since I started hanging out with her, I slowly adopted this habit. Which is I can say is good. 

Second to leave is Joan. Well, she was very mother figure and gentle person. I like her but I don't like it when husband is present coz it's like she's restricting herself to do things.

Third is Jea. She was like my link to other nationalities. Not that I'm saying without her I cannot go with them but with her is more okay as we can talk in our own language and do other things. Whenever we are going out with other nationalities, she's always present so I feel okay. I feel more comfortable to go to place where there's someone I can really talk to.

There are other people who will also leave like Alfiya, Noman, Silvester, Lisi and so on and so forth.

But just like what Niko was always telling me during breakfast, people do come and go and we just go with the flow. And now that he's going for vacation as well as Silvester, I will lose my breakfast and lunch buddies. :(

Hope I will enjoy my vacation. I'm actually having second thoughts on going coz of what happened but in the end, I have to. Coz I already comitted with them that I'm going.

Hope to have a blast there...

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