Saturday, August 17, 2013


Oh my god, am so proud of myself. Was managed to sort my wardrobe after soo long. I mean, the last time I fix my clothes was a year and 7 months ago. I know I know, it's been quite sometime but I kinda been so busy I don't have time to do it.

But found a lot of interesting stuffs like two brand new towels (been planning to buy for months), guess it was given to me when I joined which is more than two years ago and a lot of dresses that I haven't worn (most of them are from H&M, didn't notice it though).

And this weekend, my version of tom yum goong was a total success. Am really proud of myself. But deveining the shrimps was a nightmare. I almost throw up while doing it. Unbelievable.

Hmm... So I drag myself to watch some tagalog movies out of boredom but it seems like a total waste of time. All of them are crap. This is the reason why I'm not very fond of watching them.

Got allergies attack again coz I bought green mangoes and bagoong last thursday night. And then I just ate shrimps. Bagoong, shrimps and fish sauce were not my bestfriend so now am itchy all over my body. Have to eat a lot of chocolates to counter it.

Anyway, gotta go. Need to work again tomorrow.

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