Saturday, August 24, 2013

being upset on weekends

I'm pretty upset.

It's a hair issue again. You see, after 15 days of coloring my hair, I applied the color reactivator to my hair (as per instruction, it will reactivate or enhance the color I had on my hair). Thinking this might be a good chance to have a pure jet black hair, happily applied it and did everything as per instruction. Since I finished late last night doing it, I went straight to bed sleeping with wet hair. And caught cold the next day, ampf!

So today, I excitedly checked my hair on the mirror. And to my grimace, seems like there were parts of the old reddish brown color still there. And I can visibly see them now (am hoping it's just my imagination). And I asked myself, why? Did the color reactivator reactivates my old color that were not colored by black? Waaaaa....

Anyway, I cooked spaghetti yesterday. I wasn't able to manage the measurement of the ingredients and I end up cooking a lot of sauce (it's good for more than five pax) so I may end up eating it for a whole week. I already ate it for two consecutive days but it seems like there still a lot. Well, what to do. Atleast all I need to do when I come home at night is to cook pasta and reheat some sauce.

I can't wait for October. Am so excited to see my sister and brother in law. And of course all my family in Manila. I miss eating homemade dishes. I miss eating Filipino foods. I miss everything that it makes me feel homesick just thinking of it.

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