Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Finally got my ticket back home. And to my surprise, they got a direct flight for me. Woohoo!!!

Unfortunately, I'll arrive there at night and I'll be back here at night as well. Well I know they're going to pick me up in the airport there but arriving at night means I lose one day of going around. I really have limited days there so I want to maximize it as much as possible. Unfortunately, I can't change the dates anymore and I'm afraid that if I will complain with the flight timings, they will give me shitty flight instead.

I know this sucks to think but since I don't expect someone to pick me up from the airport back here, I feel bad going home at night. Travelling alone in the taxi when I can't even think to close my eyes coz I'm still afraid that the driver will drop me somewhere in the middle of the desert (yes, our accomodation is located somewhere in the desert, wtf)

And the most annoying thing  is that I'm gonna spend my birthday all alone. Although I do hope that someone with a big heart will surprise me, I know it's not gonna happen. Why did my birthday have to be on saturday and not friday? :( :( :( 

And my box is still in my room. Guess I'll be gone and back when it reaches the destination.

Tomorrow I need to do again a 10-15 minute training. I seriously don't know how did I become a trainer when I suck in that department. Honestly, I hate training. Though I can do it one by one, doing it with several people is a different case. I tend to get shaky and nervous. And I tend to forgot the things I always wanted to say. And tomorrow it's with the whole team. I'm so nervous I want to call sick.

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