Tuesday, September 17, 2013

dead me

I'm so tired I lost my appetite to eat.

Currently am swimming with my work I want to shred all the papers in my table.

Had to extend big time today so atleast my work for tomorrow will be lessen.

This is me right now...

And what irritates me to no end is that when I got home, the A/C is turned off by these buggers housemate of mine. Ampf!

I wonder why I can't keep my mouth shut coz earlier the guard was saying something to other people while I was asking for some maintenance form and I got curious so I ask why. She said that it's no longer allowed to bring home uniforms. Then she asked me, idiot me said it's my uniform so she got my name, staff number and flat. Whatever.  As if that can stop me.

Anyway, my brain is not working anymore. 

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