Saturday, February 18, 2012

through the old stuffs

Gone through with my old stuffs starting with my precious box that I sealed before I went to Dubai. So most of the letters (mostly from the banks for my credit cards), I threw them in the garbage since they are paid already. I just made a quick look on the statement to see what are the purchases I made.

Also saw my old diaries, just wondering where is my 2008 diary since the 2009 is with me in Dubai. Ampf! Cannot remember where I put it. Anyway, my 2006 diary is filled with all the job applications and job interview schedules. Can you imagine I had three companies in year 2006? Unbelievable!

But my most favorite year is 2007. It's my travel year, local and international. I started January going to Baguio and ended the year going to Bohol. And each month I went to different places. So amazing.

I laughed when I saw my old notes from my previous companies. On how to use SAP system for fixed assets - from asset creation to depreciation. Though I'm sure this will not be useful anymore as SAP system is a customized system depending on the needs of the company. Anyway, my notes are quite helpful. Also my notes on using Oracle system for accounts receivable and payables. Ahaha... I almost forgot that I handled payables for a brief period.

I'm so happy to see the cd given by Joan where our photos from SG / MY trip was saved. I lost all my pictures (and when I mean all, I mean ALL as the hard drive in our pc crashed) and so happy to see this cd. Am so freakin' fat in all our pictures, wtf!

Can you imagine I still have SGD68 with me? Now I don't know whether I should go to exchange center or just keep it with me. Anyway, I threw all my sg memoirs.

Pics below from our ancient trip:

freakin' hard to ask someone to take a picture of us including the whole building of Petronas Tower

at the cable car on our way to Genting Highlands. Joan was actually freaking out as she's scared of heights.

this is actually our last picture before we head back to Malaysia

first pic taken at Sentosa

That's it for now... Need to sleep...

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