Saturday, January 25, 2014

counting the days

Well, it's like only two more weeks.

Been super busy room hunting (not flat hunting anymore as it's too expensive to rent a flat alone). Been disappointed countless of times looking for the "one".

Yesterday I was so down coz the one that I thought will be ok turns out not ok. Price doesn't match as what's advertised. In the end, we just went to grand mosque to kill time then I went back to Dubai.

I found one room, only seen through skype but I still confirmed to take it as it looks ok. Will see the real thing on friday. Fingers crossed.

Honestly, I don't feel happy leaving this company. Rather, I kinda scared for what's waiting for me there. But hey, I am Sam! I'm not me if I cower down and be scared of the new challenges ahead of me.  I'm not the type of person to stay in one place and be on the comfort zone for a long time.

Btw, had this gruesome experience that almost took my insanity (just exaggerating). My phone just went gaga and been crashing non stop.

First had this issue with twlauncher then social hub. Cannot send sms and cannot view my emails. Had to search non stop in internet, downloading this, downloading that. In the end, my phone and features looks totally different. My previous themes and wallpapers were all gone (bye bye coraline). Now it's all too pinky coz I want to match my theme with my handset color. But am glad that it's now working. I'm so worried that I have to buy a new phone (currently on a tight budget coz I'm gonna move to a new room). Plus I cannot tahan changing my beloved coraline for a new one. Such strong bond.

So far still getting these annoying crash error messages but everythings working so far. Only battery runs out very fast lah. My phone's basically on the charger for almost the whole day. But I have to hold on. This month and next month will be quite hard for me so I can't afford to spend on things like this.

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