Saturday, November 19, 2011

the ticket story

I'm so freakin' happy that I was able to buy a really really cheap ticket going to Philippines c/o Qatar Airways! My beloved airline...

A night before that, when I checked their site, they had a discount (not that big discount but still a bit lower than other ticket prices) so I asked Joan if she can check the rates for me and advise me for any future discounts. The next morning, I received a text message from her telling me that they are having a 3day 25% discount on all destinations. So I immediately checked their site and found out that the previous fare quote I got for the same date before, from AED2,220.00 it became AED1,950.00! My only problem is that I don't have a credit card and my debit card is not working on their site. Thinking of other option, I asked Joan if she could book me and then I will send the money to her. The next day, she called me and told me that she was able to book me but the booking will be valid only for 24 hours so I need to buy it within that time period. Unfortunately, she can't issue the ticket there coz this damn PH travel tax will be included (which I don't need to pay coz I have the OEC that exempts me in paying PH travel tax) which cost Php1,620.00. So she forwarded to my email my booking reference and I called the Dubai office inquiring what's the best option. Found out that if I will buy it through the phone, it will be much cheaper coz their ticketing office will charge additional 7% service charge upon ticket issuance. Over the phone, price is only AED1,490.00 (I almost scream in excitement to hear a much lower price) but if I will buy it over the ticketing counter, price is AED1,585.00. Since my debit card is not acceptable and I don't really have any options, thick faced me bluntly asked Makram if I could use his credit card and I will give my cash to him. He was so nice that he didn't think twice and he said yes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use his card since they do still require the cardholder to visit personally the QR office to validate the purchase for security purposes. Yeah right!

Leaving me no choice, I decided to go to their ticketing office in person. I feel nostalgic to be there. I mean, I never thought that I will be one of their passengers again. The ticketing agent was saying blah blah but I already know most of what she's telling me. Out of my excitement to get my oh-so-cheap ticket, I just noticed back at the accomodation that they didn't issued any receipt to me. Well well...

Anyway, what matters most is that I got a ticket and am so freakin' excited to go home. You don't have any idea how homesick I am now being stucked in Dubai working endlessly for two years. Home here I come! ^_^

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