Saturday, November 19, 2011

breaking dawn fever

Capital O-M-G! Though I'm a bit disappointed that the movie was really a very summarized version of the book, I do still find it very good. The honeymoon scene was mostly cut here in Dubai,  but it's ok since I already saw  it in the internet.

And I love it! We watched it at Mirdiff City Center and I really got annoyed by this stupid arabic kid in the start of the movie coz he accused me of stealing HIS sit. Excuse me, but we have tickets to prove it. His ticket was like a last minute issued ticket with the details handwritten. Told him angrily to go back to the guy in charge to complain because am not going to leave my seat. Such a stupid kid with no respect to others thinking highly of themselves. Anyway, I put my irritation aside coz I want to enjoy the movie.

I love the wolves! They're so cute, especially Jake!

And someone from my back keeps talking about Bella being a slutty girl for seducing Edward even if he doesn't want to touch her. Then she complain again about how slutty she is again for liking Jacob so much. If only I could fill her mouth of nachos that am eating so she could shut her mouth.

Anyway after the movie, we had a light dinner then went to Silvester's place to have some videoke and a little drink. It's a fun night, I do really enjoyed it.

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