Saturday, November 05, 2011

al ain trip

Since yesterday was the start of our long weekend, we decided to start it by going to Al Ain. Original plan was to meet at 4am to see the sunrise, then later changed it at 9am since nobody wants to wake up early in the morning.

Turned out that Niko and Sergo plus the driver reached dso at 9am and nobody was ready to meet them up in the lobby. And he was like, 'later I will discuss to you guys the importance of being on time' or something like that.

We're still on our way out in the border of Dubai and everybody was already wailing how hungry are we (most of us didn't manage to eat breakfast) so we decided first to stop by in the nearest fastfood or restaurant (whichever comes first) to eat brunch.

winner is Hardees! so while waiting for our orders, did little poses in the corner

first stop - al ain zoo

dunno why I'm the only one who's looking...

of course, group picture! wondering why Julio's the only one among the guys who's smiling in the pic...

no one can enter except me!

a fake looking bird...

the arabian oryx

slowly... slowly...

crying monkey

get me out of here!

big cat!

waiting for the others to come out of the reptiles house

Niko the tour guide

we're still half way and we're so freakin' tired already

Second stop - Jebel Hafeet mountain

rocky mountain

people are no longer allowed to go up here but guess no one listens to that warning

one more shot
am thinking how can we go back again

oh yeah!

poor old shoes

time to go home...

who said halloween is over?

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