Saturday, November 12, 2011

awkward celebration

Am so fucked up today. Generally not in a very good mood but still forced myself to go out since am going to meet my old colleagues whom I'm with when we first came to Dubai. Technically speaking, we are celebrating our two years anniversary today. 

We had our early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (which is my fave resto in Mirdiff City Center) and ordered my favorite tortilla soup and kung pao spaghetti. Dunno why but everything seems so tasteless I didn't enjoy eating it.

Not in the mood also for pictures and all my shots turned out to be fucked up. I can't seem to smile. 

I'm with them but I can't feel like am with them. Luisa and Romeo were talking about people that Mike and I don't know so we end up listening to them talking without relating to what they are talking about. Romeo is behaving so freakingly weird that he's getting into my nerves. So literally, am not talking most of the time. Mike asked me why am so quiet and I told him that I don't know what those two are talking about and he said that he's feeling the same way too. Duh!

After dinner we went to DFC to have some coffee at Seattles Best. And the same thing happened again so I forced myself to talked to Mike about his whereabouts in Marriott which am not really listening. I just want him to talk so I can pretend myself that I'm listening but in reality, my mind was wandering somewhere else.

Honestly speaking, Luisa was one of the most boring people you want to hang out with. Romeo was being weird so am not really in the mood to talk to him. Mike was ok. I want to atleast stay more but Luisa and Romeo kept on saying that they need to go home as they are doing early shift (which is only 1 hour earlier that my sched). 

Anyway, this is one of the most awkward dinner I ever had. So fucked up.

This is us back in 2009. Taken during our city tour at Deira

 Back in 2010, we had our first year celebration at Agemono in International City (I'm kinda shiny here coz I just came back from Jumeirah beach)

And us now in 2011  taken at California Pizza Kitchen

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