Sunday, November 06, 2011

emo moments

Bear with me for being emotional today.  

I'm such a complicated lady. Now I don't know what I want anymore. Everything seems to be in the wrong direction. And worst is that I'm feeling lost about it.

When I heard that story, couldn't help not to feel lonely and somewhat disappointed to myself. Because no matter how hard I tried to hide it, I can still taste the bitterness in me.

I'm trying to mend the string but it seems that it's really broken. And I'm panicking. Maybe I cannot fix it anymore. Or maybe it doesn't want to be fixed anymore. Or I'm not really trying hard to do anything about it.

I was with Jacky today to clear my mind. Suppose to buy some things to fill my box but end up buying unnecessary things.  

I checked earlier the flight schedule that I previously planned to buy but found out that it's no longer available.

Disappointed, I looked for something that I thought will cheer me up. But later found out that the effect is opposite; it just made me sad.

So while on the bus on my way home, I suddenly realized that things will not come out like what you wanted them to be.

Worst feeling ever was to wait for something that you know that will never happen anymore.

And now I see the clearer picture.

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