Sunday, June 08, 2014

life or something like that

Life's too short.

Just heard a news that one of my former highschool mate passed away. Cause of death am not too sure. I just got invited to a group and there I found out about it. I felt sad. If my memory serves me right, he's a nice guy. Coz he talks to me before like am not an outsider. Yup, there was a time during highschool that I sort of got a feeling of an outsider as I transferred from another school. And I really had a hard time adjusting, not only to school but also to what is happening in my family back then.

Suddenly had this pang of loneliness in me. I miss my family and friends. Coz recently I don't want to go out. I just want to stay in my room and rest. Maybe due to unbearable heat outside. Or I want to save money for my next vacation. Or maybe just the laziness in me. Can't wait for my vacation. To see my family and friends. To eat and laugh with them. To sleep and wake up knowing there's someone in the house I can look forward in smiling to. To play with good ol Jimi. To watch anime like a highschooler. Or go malling with lots of restaurant options to chose from. And eat. And laugh.

Hope our plan will materialize. Am getting excited. Four more months!!!

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