Monday, May 19, 2014

gluttony attacks

Hate this feeling. That urge that you want to eat... and eat. And am literally rummaging my fridge to find something healthy to eat. It's not that am starving. I already ate minced pork and rice, then a bowl of italian salad and two bananas. But am still feeling hungry. And am so tempted to open the wafer stick, chips, cheesecake and ice cream. Good thing I found the baby carrots, it saved me some calories. Didn't noticed that I almost finished the whole bag, dung! 

And I have tonsilitis since friday. Coz maybe I indulge myself for a big bowl of ice cream. Or maybe due to me eating ice cream pops almost everyday on my home. I actually don't know the reason.

And worst, I currently lost my interest in walking. Coz I saw my legs in the mirror and I don't like the muscles that build up. It looked awful. Now my legs are big, no longer the slim one, wtf. And I hate those legs with defined muscles. Coz am a sucker for a barbie like legs.

Ahhh.... am getting hungry again. What to do, what to do... I was able to control this for the last few months, now it's coming back again. And am so craving for Thai food. I miss Black Canyon. How I always drag Julio to go there and eat. Waaaaa... I want tom yum goong, grilled tiger prawns, fried rice, calamares, sticky rice with mango and my all time favorite lemon frappe. Waaaaaa... Someone bring me back to Dubai. Ahh wait, no need. I found a small Thai restaurant in Khalidiya Mall though a bit lower in expectation but can do for the moment. All I need to do is to do some extensive research to find more options. 

Am getting hungrier and hungrier. Better go to bed early to forget about food.

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