Thursday, May 15, 2014

yes yes yoh!

It's Thursday night! Yehey! My most awaited day coz it means no work tomorrow. Meaning can sleep longer and stay longer in the bed - doing nothing.

And one more good news to end my week, I got a carlift! Another yipee! Means no need to walk and be sweaty in the morning (only one way trip everyday as I can manage to go home walking in the afternoon). Waaaa... So happy wanna kiss Geraldine as she's the one who refer him to me. 

With the current lifestyle am having, I shouldn't be starting to whine. But, I can't help not to. Being a newbie sucks. Sometimes I feel like am the second Sandra (my previous colleague). It's like sometimes when there are things that I don't know and I asked them, they will tell me what to do then later on I'll get blame for doing something wrong. It's like, wtf! You've been here for so long still giving me wrong information duh! Or instances when they asked me to do something and they will be the one to give instruction. Later on they will say, "what you do?" that will irritate me to no end. My dear, if it isn't you who give me instruction then later on will blame me for doing wrong coz you didn't give a correct instruction. Ok, word instruction became repeated several times but duh! Sometimes I really want to scream but decided not to as am no longer a kid to throw tantrums. And this is the most common cases, they will say, "yeah am sure about it" or "yeah there's email about it" but when you ask for a confirmation or proof, cannot provide wtf! And my most hated thing to do - filing. Wtf, it annoys me to no end when they always ask me to make labels. Duh! Do I look like a human label maker for you? Cannot do your own label wtf! And what's with this weird project of asset tagging doing manual tags in a sticker in the size of A4!  So I have to cut it manually and bring my own paper cutter... Arghhhh...

But work related stress is nothing compared to the stress I had in my previous work. So better stop whining now.

By the way, I started to do some serious walking felt my legs became hard as a stone I sometimes having nightmares of having Popeye's muscles, wtf. Since my body is not equipped for running nor jogging, walking is the only thing I can do. Only downfall is that I grew bigger than before. Coz I always think I can eat more than normal since am gonna do walking later on. Dung! Now I can feel my pants are getting tighter than before.

Now I remembered, last week me & Blesie went to Dubai for a quick trip (wasn't even able to meet some old friend) to visit her friend and previous colleague in Doha who got into some serious car accident. When I say serious, it involves broken upper leg bone, steel implanted in her bone marrow with matching three screws, ouch! She was crossing in the pedestrian lane but car passed by so quickly and since there's no stop light, she got hit pretty badly. When I saw her xray, it's like my insides are being turned upside down. I'm so thankful with God for always guiding me and keeping me away from harm. And since then, I stopped running towards the other side of the road if am in a hurry even if it's on red signal. 

Am currently thinking whether to go out or stay at home. Since I had a big dinner (I cooked I cooked!), am thinking to burn it thru brisk walking. But man, am feeling lazy plus Rahyan didn't reply back, maybe she's not going to join to walk tonight. What to do, what to do.

Anyway, need to move. Have to change bedsheet as I washed them earlier. See I can even do my laundry during weekdays while before I can only do it during weekends and for a whole freaking day. Talk about laundry day.

Tata for now~

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