Saturday, May 17, 2014


I signed up today in a chat app "skout" coz saw some bloggers and instagramers are talking bout it. After a few hours of downloading it, I was about to delete it coz most of the one sending me messages are guys and all of them asked the same thing, if am looking for a relationship. Wtf! Is finding a relationship the only reason for downloading a chat app? Maybe for others but for me no! I just downloaded it out of curiosity and coz am bored, even cyber friends can do as long as decent and can have decent conversation. Maybe I'll keep it for the meantime.

All those guys I find low I didn't respond. No offense to nationalities, but if it's arabs, indians or other gcc nationalities, I don't reply back. Coz they think I'm like others looking for some fake relationship.

Fortunately, found some decent chatmates (ladies and guys) who are animal lovers, and mostly from asia. And there was this lady that have three super duper cutie doggies I shamelessly asked her to send me more pictures of them (which she nicely did). And this one lady who have a 15 year old kitty. Wish I can have a pet like them. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in most of the flats here.

Ok, setting aside that chat issue, been feeling not well the whole day. Maybe coz I took that sleeping pills again. I feel weird. Maybe coz I stopped taking it for months. But I did had a good sleep last night only to wake up feeling terrible.

Feeling so lazy I can't even iron my clothes for tomorrow or prepare my lunchbox.


Got bored with this app as I feel its a total waste of time. Whatta crap! Deleted...

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