Saturday, April 26, 2014

saturday night

Saturday night is the most dreaded time for me. It marks the end of my weekend and the hardest night to sleep.

I just finished ironing clothes good for one week. God how I hate ironing, but left me no choice but to do it.

I just realized that both of my lower legs are covered with bruises. Coz we went biking for the last two nights. And on the last night of our biking, I got hit by some young crazy dude that almost sent me flying. Kids nowadays were so careless and headache. Good thing nothing major happened to me, only Rahyan's bike got injured coz we exchange our bikes (I just rented mine).

Am too lazy to go out of my room. I planned to go out today but end up watching some series instead. 

Found new dayre users to follow. More interesting blogs to read.

Gotta go, gonna rest my back and legs for now.

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