Saturday, April 19, 2014

mission accomplished!

Feeling accomplished for today.

Managed to repack and fix almost 3/4 of my things. Two more boxes and 1 big luggage to go, yipee!

Most probably if I'll stay at home next weekend and I manage to buy more plastic boxes at Ikea, I'll be able to finish all these remaining mess.

But man, my back does ache from all this lifting and cleaning. Seriously, I think the previous one who rented this room didn't bother to clean the room for the whole year! I mop the floor twice coz I want it to be squeaky clean coz flooring style looks dirty (maybe that's the reason why he doesn't want to clean the room). Next week I'll mop again, once a week room cleaning is my limit. 

I'll just throw all garbages and empty boxes outside tom as am too lazy to go out of my room.

On the other note, am already on episode 10 of Dream High. 6 more and I'm done. I'll look again for something new to watch.

Am craving for some pasta. And maki. And ramyun. And pork. Waaaaaaa... Am so hungry am hallucinating.

Hope there's someone out there who's willing to deliver food to me everyday and I'll just pay. Haay... Wishful thinking.

Changed my bedsheet and found out how hard it is to replace duvet cover if your bedframe is doubledecker. Coz previously I'll stand in bed and just make pagpag the duvet with cover and everything will fall in places automatically. Now it's too hard. Almost lose my patience.

Gonna lay now in bed as my back is killing me, geez!

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