Monday, April 21, 2014

happy porkie easter sunday!

Happy Easter everyone!
It’s a bit late but better to be late than not greeting at all.
Yesterday taxi hunting was so terrible I almost cried. I left office exactly on time coz am planning to go to church. Turned out no taxi, there are some few but unfortunately been taken away by other passengers. So I was left waiting for almost an hour. Until Rahyan my forever savior called me if am already in the church. Told her am still waiting in vain for taxi and she offered to share her taxi if ever she will get first which she did. So I was late for almost 30 minutes. Dung!
One good thing happened, I managed to buy pork barbeque. P-O-R-K bbq. Am so happy I didn’t notice the sauce of bbq already dripped out of the package and smeared my clothes (shameless me praying in the middle of the crowd holding a bag of bbq and sending off the smell to everyone).
Since the crowd was unbelievably huge, I decided not to finish the mass (another shame for me coz I arrived late then I left off early). As I went outside the church, I saw again a pork bbq seller and decided to buy another two sticks (me happily leaving the church with four bbq sticks on hand).
Quickly passed by in the supermarket to buy some instant pancit canton noodles and yogurt. My room still have this stinky smell of a combination of old room and the pest control scent (or maybe am just too paranoid). Angrily sprayed my lemon scent spray all over the room only to find out later on that it went straight to my laptop and wall mirror. No choice but to clean it.
By the way, I saw something on FB wall that I remember something crazy I experience few days ago. You see, whenever I walk going home, I always listen to music as loud as my ear can handle as I don’t want to hear anything from the people on my surrounding. But on this one particular day, I heard a very loud disgusting gargling spit that almost made my hair stand on its roots. I told myself to ignore it but I wasn’t able to fully control my curious genes and my head automatically swung. To my horror, I found the culprit. It’s a Chinese auntie. I was flabbergasted to know that a lady can make such disgusting sound and action on a public area. We were in the walkway near the main road, for God’s sake! Manners…

On the other note, this one annoying supermarket near my place sells my favorite flavours of ice cream. It's so annoying that I can't help not to buy one everytime I pass by on my way home. Felt like a grade schooler again eating some cold sweets while walking. So much for dieting.

Talk about annoying things, this new song of 5 seconds of summer "she looks so perfect" annoys me to no end. Can't believe how crappy the lyrics are!

Ok, gotta go. Gonna lay my aging back as it's aching again.

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