Wednesday, April 16, 2014

tadaaa! am back

Such a nice feeling to just lay in the bed and relax.
Went to see an eye doctor to check my pair. I’m sort of afraid to do it for such a long time and always find excuses just to end up procrastinating it. I’m afraid to hear what they will tell me about the status of my eyes who used to have a perfect vision of 20/20 now I can’t even see clearly the faces of people in front of me, wtf! So it turned out my left eye is the worst one. Chose the nerdy type of frame but guess I'll just come back when I got my salary coz it cost 1.3k and I already spent all my money I don't have budget for it anymore.
Last night went to out with Eloisa and Cherry to go see the ballroom group in Marina Yacht. I didn’t have the grandest time there but I still managed to amuse myself while watching them. Turned out I prefer girls swinging hips than guys. Not that am turning to a lesbian but I really like it especially when they are wearing short dresses, wahahaha. On the other note, I find it disgusting to watch guys dance ballroom. No offense to guys who love to dance as I prefer to watch guys dance pop or modern dance, but not ballroom. It just freaks me out.
Afterwards, we went to Beach Rotana and had late Japanese dinner there. Even though I already ate dinner at the flat, the thought of delicious maki made me hungry. Since Eloisa knows some staff there, we had a very good service and freebies. Talk about connections!
First time to try warm sake. Been wanting to try for a long time but always unable to do so. Waaaa…. I love it. But I think I’ll prefer to drink it together with teppanyaki or anything grilled. Just thinking about mouth-watering goodness. Yaki soba I like. Coz most of the time I always order udon instead of soba. Love love anything with soya sauce taste. But the makis are the best! I forgot the name but I guess it Philly something and I really really like it. Most probably I’ll order it again in my next visit. Think I complimented it so much chef gave us free salmon sashimi but only had one piece coz am not fond of raw, feels yucky. For dessert we had a simple lemon sorbet. I was torn between green tea or lemon but Ate told me lemon is much better so I went for lemon. So refreshing I could eat another two scoops.
We met the bar manager of the German bar beside the resto and gave us complimentary drinks. He was suggesting us to try the German beer but since am not fond of beers as it makes me feel bloated, I said no. But he insisted that I should have one so I agree with the Long Island Iced Tea. Turned out having too much ice taste becomes bland but I don’t have the right to complain as it’s free. And before we go he gave us each free one shot of I-don’t-know-drink but it have some plum in the name. Strong but not as strong as chacha (Georgian alcohol). 
Speaking of Cherry, this Chinese girl is a funny gal. We were chatting with the sushi chef when the age factor came to our discussion. We asked her to guess my age and she guessed it too wrong I feel like a retard to the age she thought. I mean, sometimes I had this mixed feeling wether to take it as a compliment or get offended. Common, I've had enough of this common phrase "parang pinabili lang ng suka" coz I've been hearing it for the last nine years since I started working!

Well, setting aside the last one, overall, I had a very very nice evening. My stomach was so happy I had a very good night sleep.


Latest chapter of Naruto is soo bitin! Grrrr...

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