Tuesday, July 01, 2014

the pros and cons of ramadan

It's this season again. It's the season anticipated by a lot of people but been hated as well. I can say am in between. I like and hate it.

Like - coz working hours is cut short. You can go home early and take a rest.

Hate - coz can't eat in public. Restaurants are closed and will be open only during night. It's also the start of the peak of summer season and it's like hell to go out to go home. 

Currently am suffering in waiting for my carlift to pick me up. To the point that am the only one left alone in the office. It sucks. The time wasted for me waiting for him is longer than the time he's going to drop me off. You see, am waiting for atleast 45 minutes, while it only takes 5 minutes or less for him to drive me from office to my place. It's just that I can't afford to walk outside. I actually tried once, and I end up getting heat stroke. And I actually paid him already.

Like today, I wasn't able to log out coz the ticketing office is already closed when I went down. Arghh..

Had a nice dinner today. Coz I called for food delivery since I can't go to supermarkets recently. And am feeling like I ate too much again. My pants are getting tighter and it's driving me crazy. Yet I can't seem to stop eating. Haist...

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