Sunday, July 20, 2014

fone drama

For some reason, my fone kept giving me headaches. Few days ago, it got updated which was the biggest mistake I did for Coraline. After the update, I wasn't able to open my fone for the whole freaking day (just kept restarting non stop), contacts deleted, half of my apps were gone, and my playstore got a surprise for me with a "error 24" for all the apps I wanted to install. Ampf!

Then this morning, it suddenly stopped working. It was working fine, then when the battery drained, I charge it as usual. After that I cannot open it. It kept on restarting. Am so annoyed I want to threw my fone! So I turned it off. Coz until now when I tried to open it it kept on restarting. Waaaaaa.... What did I do to deserve this kind of suffering with my fone? 

This kind of thing makes me really depress. To the point that I lose my appetite to eat my dinner.


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