Tuesday, July 22, 2014

endless ranting

There's no such thing as fate or destiny. Because you decide and make your own actions which results to it. Without any effort for the two of you to be together, then the so called destiny is just a farce. And I believe this.

Back when I was a child, I used to watch sappy movies of how soulmates will meet under any circumstances and ended up being together (without doing any efforts) coz they were destined to be together. That all people are born with a destined soulmate. However, I pick up a habit of telling everybody that my soulmate died by the time he was born. I dunno where I got this idea. Maybe coz I don't like being teased back then. And now I want to regret saying such thing as I think it maybe true.

What annoys me to no end is when people kept bugging me why I'm not dating till now. The endless "why" questions. What's wrong with being single? Do I really look pathetic being alone? When in reality am not really "alone" coz I still have my friends and family. Being single is much better than having someone who's a total headache.

And I super effin' hate match making. So dear friends, I beg you to stop doing it before I start hating you for real.

One more thing, I super duper hate being said that I will look for a rich guy to date/marry. In my opinion, that's very low and offensive. And to be grouped in such category makes me feel worthless. Even as I joke. Coz I don't need a guy to get what I wanted in life. I can do it and get it for myself.

My mood fluctuates like hell that my eating habits are being affected, fml. It's not that am on diet, coz what am currently eating are all junk foods. Coz I need comfort foods to comfort myself. And everytime I measure my waist I freak out coz number keeps on increasing I wanna hang myself, lol. I mean, I look like a trunk of tree with tiny branches. The trunk is my body, fat and straight. Not a single curve I can find, wtf. I have slim arms and legs so I'll leave it to your imagination. If only I can transfer my tummy fats to my arms and legs. Wishful thinking.

Okay, gotta go. I'm halfway done of my rantings so I feel a bit relieve now.

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