Tuesday, October 28, 2014

back from deadzone

I'm actually glad am back. The travel time going to Brazil is crazy. Longest flight I had so far.

Came back earlier than planned. Or rather, came back as per original plan. Wtf!

Now I'll have more time for myself. Coz my bodyclock is sort of messed up.

Unfortunately, I don't have much pictures from this trip. As in literally. Coz - 1. I don't have a camera. 2. I became so bloated I look terrible in the pictures. 3. My fats are overflowing I can't bring myself to take pictures. 4. My eyebags are bigger than my eyes. 5. My eyebags are darker than my pupils I look like a panda.

So that's it. I don't have pictures, my vacation leave is wasted and I wasn't able to buy any souvenirs.

Now it's 10:41pm and I just finished my dinner coz I just woke up and God knows what time I'll be able to sleep again.

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