Saturday, January 10, 2015

hello 2015

My first post for the year was quite late. But as they say, it's better to be late than never.

Recap recap... What's with 2014?

  • resigned from my work after almost three years

  • moved in to Abu Dhabi in a new flat with boxes & boxes & boxes of things to arrange

  • flew to Doha as needed for my visa change. First flight out although it's just a roundtrip, literally
  • went gaga looking for a new room coz got problem with the room I previously got. Had to squeeze myself in at Rahyan's flat for two weeks. Luckily found one that's quite near in my new work; about 8-10 minutes by walk.
  • started at my new work; "new girl" is it again 

  • had this terrible paranoia coz of this old room. Had to buy new things for the room as well

  • finally found a carlift - service every morning to pick me and drop to the office
  • first time trying out ordering those products online and result was good

  • ordered another big batch of goodies
  • start of the Ramadan, too hot to even go out

  • mobile phone went gaga had to factory reset it

  • went for a relaxing stay at Ritz Carlton over the weekend
  • bought my smart tv and I've never been glad that I did

  • finished my six months probation period  - atlast

  • birthday month! what more to say?
  • went for a short break in Brazil. First time to fly more than 13-14hours alone

  • Manila here I come!
  • went for long drives with my family to Ilocos and some part of Taal volcano
  • had the biggest shock of my life that left me airheaded for weeks

  • went to Doha for "Time & Priority Management Training"
  • gate crashed RC Christmas party

Well, that's it for my whole year. Nothing much, just travelled continously in the last quarter. Can't believe how time flies.

Anyhow, had the best New Year as I celebrated the first day of the year with my family. After five long years. It was so unplanned that I only bought my ticket on 31Dec14 when the long weekend was confirmed.

Anyway, that's it. Hoping for a wonderful 2015. Fingers crossed.

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