Monday, July 04, 2016

Okay I confess, I tried dieting.

You see, I decided to give it a go during Ramadan period coz I thought it's the perfect time to do that. Unfortunately, it hits me back quite hard.

Not being able to have snacks and proper lunch , all my meal timings are messed up. Yes I did lose a kilo however I paid the price for it. I'm constantly having headaches all day and terrible mood swings. No matter how hard I tried to control my mood swings, I failed big time. Worst is that I always feel irritated at work, and having headaches that I can't sleep at night and waking up having head aches as well. Pathetic right? Just for a kilo, I suffered a lot.

Anyway, weekends are my cheat days so those days I'm not having any headaches nor mood swings, haha. And those are the days I feel so happy just eating whole day while watching movies.

Seriously, I kept asking myself if it's really worth it. It felt so ridiculous that I manage to survive for a month doing it. Not sure whether I should give myself a thumbs up or a nice slap on the face.

So it ends by tomorrow. And the next day I'm going for a week long vacation. I did lose weight but my bulges remains the same so my hopes of being able to wear some clothes I have will not happen as they still don't fit me, wtf.

One more day. One more day and I'm free, yehey!

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