Friday, October 19, 2012

i want to go home

I was thinking what to do and where to go during the long weekend when an idea hits me - why not go home?

I originally planned to go to Doha but due to the limited time that I have to obtain a visa, I decided not to go. Such a waste as I really wanted to visit Joan. But I realized it was impossible.

Then I hastily searched every airline I know only to find out ticket prices were too expensive for my own liking. So I decided to hunt possible places to go to locally. Only to find out that no discount on hotels were available due to Eid. What a bummer!

But I honestly wanted to spend my precious vacation back home. If only I could.

I feel so lazy to day to move. In the morning I planned to do my nails but now I changed my mind.

I find it amusing to watch the "The Vampire Diaries" marathon translated in Arabic.

Currently listening:

We can't play this game anymore, but
Can we still be friends?
Things just can't go on like before, but
Can we still be friends?

We had something to learn

Now it's time for the wheel to turn
Things are said one by one
Before you know it's all gone

Let's admit we made a mistake, but

Can we still be friends?
Heartbreak's never easy to take, but
Can we still be friends?

It's a strange sad affair

Sometimes seems like we just don't care
Don't waste time feeling hurt
We've been through hell together

La la la la, la la la la

Can we still be friends?
Can we still get together sometime?

We awoke from our dream

Things are not always what they seem
Memories linger on
It's like a sweet sad old song


I so gonna hate the coming two weeks... If only I didn't overspend...

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