Wednesday, November 14, 2012

back again

I'm back - back to my sentiments.

This evening was one of the most fucked up moments in the office. I knew one day this will happen but I never thought the feeling could be like this.

So now I will be a cleaner and a treasure hunter. Yeah right. Do the shitty part.

I admit I was never been perfect in my work but when I used to handle that, I never faced so much problems like this. They might think am just covering up myself but what the hell! Everything's fine because am putting so much effort and time on it. Playing smart when you're against the odds. While she didn't and now this.

Now who's paying the price?

Feels like I will be trap into this mess for quite sometime. I don't want to handle it anymore but they already decided about it. Anyway, who's more qualified to do it than me? Damn it! 

And am just starting to fix my own mess. I want to cry.

It really ruins my day and my coming weekend.

Feels so shitty I want to take a rest.

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