Saturday, December 01, 2012

december it is

Can't believe it's already December! 24 more days to go and it's Christmas time. Too bad my December vacation was not approved so most likely I will celebrate my Christmas here in Dubai again. -___-

So starting today, I will only play Christmas songs. No more SNSD songs nor pop songs. Must download good Christmas songs to my phone nao!

But seriously, can't feel the Christmas spirit here. Maybe coz I'm in an Arabic country where they don't celebrate Christmas. The only consolation during this period was that the temperature changes, much more cooler than last month. 

This will be my fourth Christmas away from my family. The thought of it gives me a little bit of loneliness and the feeling of being apart and far away from them.

Coz I remember back in Philippines, this is the most celebrated season of the year. You can feel the festive mood everywhere. Trees, buildings and streets were adorned with colorful lights that's so nice to watch at night.

And Simbang Gabi will start on 16th of December. They say if you were able to complete all the masses from 16-25 of December, your wish will come true. But you have to wake up very early in return just to attend this mass.

Perks of Christmas? Of course, gifts! Christmas parties everywhere, and in every party there will be an exchange gift so the whole month is nothing but exchanging or giving gifts to one another.

Awww... Now I so miss my home, my family. I hope next year I will be able to celebrate it with them.

Btw, I can't upload pictures in my Sri Lanka trip post anymore as my picassa album is already full and needs to be upgraded. Haayz, do I really need to pay to upgrade it so I can continue to post pics?  

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