Saturday, December 08, 2012

picture problem

Unfortunately, I still have the same problems with regards to uploading pictures. Too bad, just when I have so many pictures to upload.

I currently don't hold any credit cards as I vow to myself not to own one #nocontrolovercreditcard as I suffered a lot when I still have back in Manila.

So the only card I own is my debit card which I don't want to use as much as possible on online purchases coz if worst things may happen like card hacking, it will be impossible to recover the amount lost in my account (not to mention my monthly salary was being credited in the same debit card).

So for now, I think my posts will nothing but just plain text  -___-

Had a long video chat with Joan yesterday and one thing is for sure, I do miss this gal big time. Can't wait to see her again and go travel with her around the world ^___^





Here's the deal, somebody was asking somebody to confirm some suspicions / rumors about me. My reaction was "what?!?". Wtf!

I'm quite surprised coz I never thought she will do such thing. Anyway, she used to be nice to me so I'll let this pass by. I will no longer comment about that, nor confirm things as I don't need to explain myself to other people, whatever they may think about me.

I'm a hypocrite, maybe yes maybe no.

I'm a wrecker, maybe yes maybe no.

I'm a slut, maybe yes maybe no.

I'm a shitty person, maybe yes maybe no.

You can say or comment whatever you wanted to me, the hell I care.

After all, it's my life.

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