Sunday, December 23, 2012

fun + forum

Had fun in our DT forum today. So many people attended yet only few faces are familiar to me.

I had so much fun playing the african drum "djembe". Though my hands hurt afterwards, it worth it. The guide was so lively he reminded me of Lisi coz of his coolness.

Though most of them volunteered for this, I was lucky enough to get nominated by Leon. Hmmm... How could I ever thank him for giving me a chance to experience this? I even asked myself if I do really deserve his trust wtf.

Anyway, I didn't stay long for the cocktail reception and realized too late that I missed the bus. I asked Julio to give me Prishy's number os I can go home with her if ever she's about to go home. Then I decided to wait in the staff entrance when I saw Mazen and to my luck, he was about to go home and he have a car today. So lucky me.

Currently chatting with Silvester and now I so wanted to go to Turkey. I didn't come along with his trip coz many people are saying that it's way too cold right now there and I might not enjoy it. Well, they have a point there. I'm not used in too much cold so I may end up sick and in bad mood. Besides, I prefer to see the beauty of Turkey during summer period. 

Since Jackie gave me a travel journal as a birthday gift, I promised myself that it will be filled with good memories. If I went to five countries in 2012, I will travel more in 2013 - inshallah.

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