Tuesday, January 01, 2013

happy new year!

New year, new beginning...

I still can't believe how time flies so easily. Yesterday it was 2012, now it's 2013.

A lot of things happened in 2012. Life changing happenings. So lemme recap it:

Been so worked out with work I almost lose my mind

Went home for vacation after more than two years and attended my sister's wedding

Went for my national ID, after a long long time

Stayed in IC Abu Dhabi for a girl's day out.  Also did for the first time target shooting. And attended the ATM white party as part of the flash mob.

Went to Oman for a short trip. First trip in GCC.

Went to Jordan for a few days and I saw the historical Petra and Dead Sea. Also visited Ferrari World. Then annual staff party.

Went to Georgia. And just as I came back, I got the surprising news ever at work.

Ramadan season so I didn't do anything much but drunk a hell lot. Month of being a scary gaga.

Got this cooking craze and starting following youtube videos.

My birthday month! Went to Sri Lanka and for the first time, experienced a cancelled flight and be a lay over passenger.

Celebrated my third year here in Dubai. Start of the fuck off month.

Feeling so worked out that makes me wanted so badly to resign. And I got sick - big time.

I may regret a lot of things that I've done but somehow, a lot of things (some a bit more crazy) made me really enjoy life like never before.

The last months of the year were really giving me a hard time that pushes me to my limit. Now that I think about it, maybe I started the year in that way.

Now is the new year, a lot of things will happen. And I hope good things will happen.




Currently watching "Titanic". All time favorite. A real tearjerker.

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