Tuesday, January 08, 2013

the secret

I feel thankful right now. And I feel positive over things.

I'm not sure if many have noticed but last week and previous previous previous weeks, I've been feeling so negative I couldn't see the beauty of the world anymore. I've been clouded by so much darkness I couldn't comprehend what's the best thing to do anymore (kinda exaggerated but it's true).

Then last Friday while waiting for Jackie, I passed by in the bookstore to look for some books as I wanted to go back to my old habit of reading an actual book and not an ebook. On the corner I saw the book "The Secret". I know I know, I'm a late bloomer again but I actually known this book since last year but I'm just being a kuripot to buy one for myself. I even practiced doing it and it works. So I can say this is quite effective in some ways.

Since I'm being so negative, I decided to buy this book to atleast enlighten myself. And I can say, it works.

Before, you will never see me smiling anymore in the office. And people began asking me the same question over and over again, "are you okay?" that it irritates me more to no end. And effect is no good.

But after I started reading this book (I'm still halfway reading it), I'm trying to get rid of anything negative in my mind. I saw one funny picture in facebook and I screenshot it (since I cannot save pictures when I'm using mobile fb) and save it in my computer in the office so whenever I feel that I'm feeling irritated, I'll just look into that picture and instantly, I want to burst out laughing.

This is one of the lessons I got from the book. What you think, your thoughts attracts things. You are a big magnet. So if you're thinking negative, bad things will happen to you. But if you think of positive things, good things will happen to you.

So last Sunday when I came to the office, I only think of good things and it started to enlighten my day. Some even say that my aura is so different from last time they saw me. They even told me whatever I did during the weekend I should always do so I will remain my good aura. So I promise myself, from now on, I will continue to do this.




I decided my New Year's resolution:
  • I will save money
  • I will try to fulfill my dreams of going to the cities I've always wanted to go to (Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and Santorino, Greece)
  • I will smile and be more friendly
  • I will stay positive no matter what happen
  • I will be always thankful in everything that I have

Though I wanted to add more, I think these are my top resolutions that I wanted to do. No need to write a long list when at the end of the year I will not be able to even fulfill even one.

So, tata for now! :D

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