Friday, January 18, 2013

holy moly!

Next week I will be on CTC training (sun, tues & thurs) which I suddenly realized a wrong decision of mine as these are the days that am so fucking busy.

Well, since am already got nominated and got included in the list, there's no turning back.

They sent me the docs to fill out I think three days ago but ignored it thinking it's just some kind of questionnaire I can fill out later. Last night before I went home, I remember about it and hastily printed it without reading as am planning to work on it during weekends.

Today I took it out of my bag and to my horror, I saw that aside from the questionnaire, there is this one form were I need to answer it together with my manager and under it, it needs to be signed by both of us. Uh oh.

Here comes my dilemma. I already advised my manager that I'd go directly to ICRS on Sunday since am planning to take the 9am bus (I can sleep more and wake up later). I don't want to pass by in the office just to get his signature as I don't want people to see me. But I seriously don't want to show up in the training room without it as it is some kind of a sign of being irresponsible.

So am currently devising a plan what to reason out why I don't have the signed form.
  1. I forgot to bring the signed form as I left it in my drawer
  2. I wasn't able to get my manager's signature as we were so so busy last week
  3. Pass by in the office quickly and get Nabil's signature

I have one more day to think. I need to decide quickly tomorrow the latest. Oh god, my brain is suddenly fried!

Oki, one pic I found from the departmental lounge fb site:

 our group shot - the first batch of departmental trainers ^_^ (though I look so fat and wasted during this day)

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