Saturday, January 26, 2013

new color

New year, new me!

This is quite a bit late change for me but what can I do? Salon is overbooked I only manage to squeeze myself for yesterdays sched.

It took a long journey before I reach that salon. Almost an hour ride in metro and quick taxi trip. It's not the nicest salon but they manage to give the services not badly as what I've read in the reviews (I bought the services pack in cobone). 

Had keratine treatment (which smells awful), full coloring (I asked for darkest shade which is blue violet but turned out a bit reddish wtf), gold mask (which I got several breakouts when I got home) and hair trim (for this one, I got a very poor service as I don't think the lady who trims my hair knows how to properly trim). Overall, I still find the finish product good but so smelly.

Am actually excited for tomorrow as I badly wanted to wash it. Don't care even if the instruction says after three days. Geez, my hair feels so heavy, lumpy, and smelly. Eeewww!

I think I spent seven hours in that salon. And coz of that, I missed Gab's birthday party :(

I was in metro when I got a call from Jaq that Anna got rushed in the hospital so I don't need to go there. I'm actually planning to go to the hospital but I don't know where so I just decided to go home.

Since I'm not in the rush, I tried all the public transpo that day - metro and bus. Going home, I literally ran for the bus as am still far from the bus station when I saw the bus coming near. Maybe I look like a crazy running lady but I actually don't care. Bus is full but luckily I manage to squeez myself inside.

Unfortunately, when I come down, I didn't see the sidewalk humps and I tipped and fell on my knees in front of the bus where all the people saw me (inside and going inside). Mia was also in the same bus helped me to get up and had this mix emotion of laughing and feel sorry for me. She was too kind to like carry me but I told her am perfectly fine and we started to laugh. Well well, am still lucky I didn't got serious injury from that fall aside from a large bruise on my left knee. And luckily, I was wearing jeans. Coz if am wearing shorts, I dunno what will happen to my knee.

Since I missed the 8:30pm bus, I decided to go with my pizza cravings and bought a box in Papa Johns. I was in a real hurry so when the staff told me that solo size is not available, I didn't hesitate to go for the double. And when she asked if I wanted the meal for two package, I just said yes and asked to prepare it as quickly as possible. She said she will try to have it ready by 20mins max. I got worried coz I don't want to miss the bus again but I don't have any choice but to wait. While waiting, I remember my voucher that will expire the next day so I just bought some headphones and memory card. Then I came back exactly 20 minutes later to get my pizza. I just realized that their cheesesticks was as big as the pizza that I ordered wtf! So it's like I have two boxes of pizza, not only good for two but three I guess. 

So when I reached the flat, dunno if my flatmates were there so I started eating it. I only managed to eat four slices of pizza (what a shame :( ) and the rest were set aside in the fridge. 

I got so full and watched movies the whole night. I watched "the hunger games" and there was this one part that I got surprised I wasn't able to supress my scream (sorry dear flatmates). Then this new flatmate came and couldn't open her room's door and had to ask me to open it like their door is different from other doors wtf. It's not like am being a bitch but hello? Commonsense where are you? If key is not working, you have to decide whether to knock and risk of waking up your roommate or call housing staff to open it for you as I don't have any special abilities to open the lock of other doors.

Anyway, I feel bad afterwards as I promised myself to be nice from now on. Uh oh.

Btw, I saw the Ntrust link my brother in law sent to me and it's a nice video. It's about their company's raffle contest winner. Surprisingly, this kinda motivate me to use mine. Haha..

Here's the link just in case anyone like to view it:

Tata for now!

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