Friday, February 08, 2013


Wow! I couldn't believe it when I checked my stats for my readers and saw that there's a high percentage of readers that came from Russia and Poland! I wanted to tell it to Sandra (my Polish colleague) but decided not to as I don't want to talk about my blog in the office. 

Recently I like the atmosphere in our section. I'm having fun chatting with Sandra and Shamli. Seriously, I don't like those awkward moments that you cannot chat freely with your superior, so am just happy that we are like this. I'm not sure if am being a good leader to them, but I still hope that am guiding them corectly.

Hope we can go out altogether again. We used to go out, go to clubs or hangout somewhere to have a drink. But now, we all went separate ways. Or maybe that's what I think.

I think it's a wrong move for me to delete those messages coz I just remembered how stupid I became. Am thankful I moved on. But one thing pops in my mind, did I?

Just finished watching Superman Returns, Casper, Twilight - New Moon and currently watching Mama Mia. Oh I love Pierce Brosnan!

I wasted my whole day doing nothing. Was supposed to go out but suddenly felt lazy and decided not to go.

Btw, my dreams of going to Acapulco was shattered after reading the shocking news about the massive gang rape happened in one of the resorts. Imagine, six spanish female tourists were raped (one mexican lady was spared) while the seven male were tied up. Considering Acapulco was once quite popular to tourist, now it's reputation was tarnished due to violence.

I feel sad coz Acapulco was also included in my dream list of places I wanted to visit coz I read a travel magazine when I was young and I was fascinated how beautiful and extravagant it looks like. Now am scared coz am no longer sure about the safety of tourists who's going to stay there.

Anyway, I need to save money if I really wanted to pursue my plan of having a summer trip this year.

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