Tuesday, February 19, 2013

left behind

Okay, so my other two flatmates will soon leave.

Cathy just sent me a message that she decided to move to a new flat today or tomorrow since she already got promoted and she doesn't like her new roommate.

Arlene already resigned and will only stay until the end of this month.

So that left me with the other two new flatmates and soon there will be too more. What a bummer.

I should say I don't care, but I still felt this pang of loneliness inside me. It was always hard for me to get left behind. Maybe am so used to leave behind people that now people are leaving me behind, I got sort of affected.

Before in this flat, it was me, Blesie, Erlyn and Cathy. Then an Indonesian came and then left afterwards. Then Arlene came. But so Blesie resigns. Erlyn decided to move with Marj when I got promoted. Then Arlene resigns. Then Cathy moved to a new flat. Why do I have to get left behind? :(

I just hope that my soon to be flatmates were ok. Non smokers, non drinkers and no boyfriends hanging out in the living room.

:( :( :(

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