Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm such a late bloomer. It's already in the middle of December when I suddenly felt this urge of having Christmas spirit. You think it's still okay to buy decors for my room? Haay, seriously that will be a waste of time and money.

One thing I so wanted to do, is to go home. Whether for real or vacation, am not sure.

Somebody told me long ago that if am no longer happy doing what am currently doing, I should stop it. Hmmm.... Am thinking if it's a good idea to be jobless in the beginning of new year. I think it will be a bad luck or bad beginning.

Anyway, I need to clean up my own mess first. Another sigh.

Tomorrow I need to do the performance review with Shamli. Ampf! I hate to do it coz am still not that confident to do it. I think am too lousy to conduct such things. What should I ask him? What should I tell him? What should I advise him if me myself was having such great mess in my work.

Dear December, why you no good to me this year? :( :( :(

Btw, last saturday I decided to buy a weighing scale only to end up buying so many things impulsively. Bought a new shoes (it will be my fifth black shoes for office use). And I decided to throw those shoes that I will no longer use, that is if I will not be lazy to move.

Even bought some things for my box. My box! Goodness, I almost forgot to fill it up. Now I think I have to since I already got some stuff. 

Gab was funny coz he ended up crying when I went home coz he wants to come with me. Thiiiiiis kiddo!

My mood to cook is back again. I tried to cook kaldereta last weekend and it's yummy but needs more touch ups. So I decided to cook it again, that is if I will be able to go to Spinneys to buy some pork spareribs.

Waaaaa... I just remember, I still don't have my Christmas outfit. What should I do?

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