Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Okay, am currently so broke I want to die.
Am so waiting for the next salary, which is unfortunately quite late for this month.
Geez, one more week and two more weekends and I’ll be back to normal. Good thing it’s Ramadan so it’s not worth it to go out as most of the restaurants were closed plus it’s already super freakin’ hot outside.
Now I’m wondering how we are able to enjoy ourselves at Yas Waterworld last week in this heat. They had this hotelier promotion so we got a big discount. Though am expecting a lot of rides, we did enjoy it as we tried almost all of it except one (the scary one where you will be put in a capsule like ride and drop you on a very long slide). I used to be a scaredy cat but since Silvester was too excited, he drag us to all rides (except for what I’ve mentioned earlier).
But I always had fun whenever I go visit my friends in Abu Dhabi. It’s like am so free whenever am with them I can do anything. Maybe coz all of us are spontaneous and we do everything out of the moment without prior planning (I suck in planning ahead of time). Then Silvester loves to cook so I don’t get hungry whenever am with them and we can sing non stop as he have his own karaoke while Blesie loves to chat non stop and we were like crazy for talking about everything - even the stupid ones and she tolerates my bratty side so it’s fine.
Too bad they were now very far from me. 

And our flat will soon be inhabitat by those people whom I can't get along with. Cathy is moving out this weekend so I keep on praying that the ones who will  replace her in her room will be much better (though one of the friends of first room already ask me before if she can move once Cathy is out and I say yes coz am pretty drunk that time). Haay, people really come and go.

Anyway, let's see what will happen next.

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