Saturday, July 06, 2013

what to do


You see, I was suppose to do four SOPs today so I can pass it tomorrow but I can't concentrate on thinking about SOPs I ended up reading manga and watching movies. And now it's already late night and I haven't started my second SOP. Think I'll never get the allowance again this month. What a shame.

But I seriously wanted to have it done and submit it by tomorrow as I really needed extra allowance this month. Since I went for that vacay and I still have to pay for something and I have to go again for vacay on Oct, I badly needed extra money.

Come to think of it, it's not all about extra money. I also feel that coz of my negligence, I sort of disappointing my manager for not doing my homework properly. It's started last April and up to date I didn't do anything.


So I had "this" chat with Jacky last time. Somehow, it feels good to let out something that's been bugging me for quite sometime. It feels good to be with my real friends. They somehow brought back the warmth inside me.

I don't need to justify myself to other people, coz I normally let them think and say whatever they wanted behind my back. But it still bugs me a bit coz I'm being judge unfairly.

To you, you know who you are, this will be the last time I'm gonna write or mention you in this blog. Stop talking behind my back coz it's not fair that I can't defend myself and people are judging me based on your stories. If you feel that I treat you badly, think it twice. Stop being a pathetic person. But knowing you, I seriously don't care if you can't shut your fucking mouth. I know you love to talk, you fucking love to tell people about everything, even those things that you should keep to yourself only. I'm almost regretting getting close to you and I take back unblocking you.

That's it, now all I need to worry is to chase some sleep.

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