Thursday, October 03, 2013

the things we should be thankful of

I had my first lieu day today. Just to do some things that needs to be done once and for all.

While on the bus on my way home, I suddelny remembered the conversation I had with my friends a few days ago. We were sharing our experiences we had here in Dubai and we realized how lucky we are compared to other Filipinos who are here as well.

First of all, when I arrived here, I already had all the comfort I can ask. A good accomodation, transportation, food and company. I never had problems with getting my salary and benefits. I never experienced being in bed space like those other people who needs to share a room with 4 to 8 people (there are more extreme numbers in some stories that I heard) with one toilet so there's a strict toilet schedule for everybody (heard that if you missed your time, you have to suffer). And I was talking a room here, not a flat.

Even when I moved in a new company and got promoted after a year. I have my own room. With attached toilet. The living room is decent. We don't need to pay for any utilities expenses except for the internet.

Our accomodation have it's own gym, internet room, laundry room, tv & games room and swimming pools. Most of the basic needs you can find here. From job band 8 to 10 (10 as the lowest), there are only two people to share a room. Most of the companies are not like this. If you're on lower job band, then you have to share the room with few more people. Yet these colleagues always find a way to complain about so many things. When you look in those aspects, we should be thankful for the management as they were trying their best to give almost everything for the staff.

Back to me in the bus today, halfway through my journey, I overheard two people talking about almost the same thing. They are getting a gross salary (meaning no free accomodation, transportation & food - actually all these benefits were normally offered in hotels and some companies) and got a notice that they need to look for a new room as the one who's renting the whole flat didn't pay the building owner for months. So even if they were paying on time, someone was using their money on other things and doesn't reach out the owner. Sad isn't it?

Then while waiting for a taxi in front of Deira City Center, a fellow kabayan asked me if I knew some certain address as I guess that they were job hunting. I told them to get a taxi so the driver can guide them there. Apparently, they were on a tight budget so they cannot do that. He said he only have AED50 and doesn't want to spend it on taxi fare. My eyes suddenly avert to the bag am holding - I just bought a sushi/maki set worth AED38 and cheese snacks for AED10 for my merienda which almost the same price for the budget of that person for the day. I feel useless for not being able to help them when they were looking helpless that time. As I look at them from afar, I thank god that I didn't experience things like that. Here in Dubai, I only once attended a job interview (in person) and that was for the current job am having. 

Well, Papa Jesus,I just wanted to thank you for all the things. There maybe some unfortunate events but I believe that everything happens for a reason. If it will come, it will come.

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