Saturday, October 26, 2013

back from vacation

Been MIA again as I went for a short vacation in Manila for two weeks.

Yup, only two weeks. So bitin! But what to do. I'm just glad that I got the vacay spot so I can see my sister.

Two weeks went by so fast. Unfortunately, this is not the good season there. When I arrived, it was raining cats and dogs. 

Good thing we cancelled our Cebu-Bohol trip otherwise we experienced the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. I feel sorry for Bohol as that earthquake caused a lot of damages especially to the tourist spots and even to the residents there.

Even our Vigan trip was cancelled due to my sister's condition. Anyhow, we changed it to a day trip to Las Casas Filipinas in Bataan. A very very nice place. 

Where else I went to? Hmmm... Villa Escudero were I had my tantrums so I don't have a single photo and later on went to Hamilo Coast with my friends.

So yesterday morning I still can't get a good grip of myself that I have to pack and went back here. Since I have this bad habit of last minute packing, as usual I forgot a lot of things. I bought this especial dried tawilis in Tagaytay that I forgot to bring. And I was even looking forward eating it. I just remember it in the middle of my flight. Even my fave neck pillow was forgotten as my mom was holding it on our way to the airport. Found out today that my sister brought it along with them home. Now my ube pillow is on his way to Canada. I don't think I will see him again. *Sob sob.

And I wasn't able to buy all the things I needed to buy. Wasn't able as well to visit all the places I planned to go (mostly malls). I had so much things that I wanted to do but I don't have enough time. Aside from the fact that I got sick during the last few days of my vacation.

Btw, today is my especial day. Unfortunately, I'm just spending my day alone in my room as I feel too sick to go out though if I wanted I can go but I don't know what might happen to me.

so long bakasyon, I need to go and get back on working my ass of.

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