Wednesday, November 13, 2013

please pray for philippines

I don't have anything to give, so the only thing I can do is to pray for everybody who got affected by the disastrous typhoon.

Indeed Philippines was not that rich, but people strive to live inspite of everything. But when the only few things they have were taken away, only prayers to keep their faith stronger is the only way to survive to this.

Honestly, it breaks my heart everytime I see nor read the news. I know the most amazing trait Filipinos have is being a survivor. I do hope and pray that everything will be okay. 




Btw, I did attend a training this afternoon. As expected from me, I sort of blank out and didn't understand a thing about the training. Afterwards, Leon asked me about it and am actually totally clueless since I didn't listen so I kinda invented something to tell him. I can see the confusion in his face so I search the topic and found out that I just told him something out of this world. No wonder the look in his face, I'm so embarrassed. Actually, my mind is flying somewhere coz I'm thinking about that email. I haven't replied to it but I need to. Sooner or later I need to make a decision. To go or not to go.

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