Monday, November 18, 2013

the sign

This may be a bizzare and stressed day for me.

Earlier this morning, I received a funny call from Blesie greeting me with the question if I have a boyfriend. I almost rolled out laughing coz it's unusual for her to ask such question but she said she was serious but soon end up laughing. I got curious only to find out a more surprising news.

I asked for a sign, and I think this is the sign I'm asking for. 

Then the other is trying to call me, several times but I didn't answer it. Soon got an email. Now my brain is being fried as to how to respond to their email. 

Why now? I mean, this is so surprising. Am having this mixed feeling of emotions - surprise, proud, confusion.

I'm already at my comfort zone. But is this enough for me?

I need to make a decision fast. But hopefully I will make the right one.

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