Wednesday, June 10, 2015

what is writing to me

I always thought that as when time goes by, I’ll become a good writer. The ones who can write stories that can captivate the interest of the readers. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as what I envision it to be.
They say there are two kinds of people – those who think they can write and those who think they can’t write. But the truth is, most of us fall somewhere in the middle. We are capable of producing a good writing or at least a better writing, somewhere, somehow.
If you will ask me, my head is always full of ideas. Random, crazy and sometimes intellectual ideas. But whenever I try to put it in writing, I became lost for words. Too lost that I can’t express nor start my story.
And I know that becoming a good writer won’t happen overnight, and not just because you want it. It needs some work and more practice. As they say, anyone who writes is a writer, but it doesn’t mean that they are a good one. Ouch!
Back when I was in high school, I remember I have friends who writes very well. And I had fun reading their writings. Later on, someone showed me the book “Diary of Anne Frank”. Somehow, that inspires me to write as well. It’s the kind of book in which it was written in a way that will hook up your interest. So I thought, it must be fun to write a diary. That time, I’m lucky to have friends that encouraged me to try to write. No matter how trivial it is. Blogs are not yet popular that time, so keeping a personal diary is the least thing I can do. Jotting down everything that I can think of. Didn’t care whether my English is not that good. Now looking back at my own writings, I found them funny and amusing at the same time. Taking me back to my youthful days. Remembering the details of past experiences brought back memories that were somehow forgotten in time.
It was in late 2004 when I got introduced to Xanga by my friend and there I met several people online and begun to read their writings about their daily lives. It was actually pretty good as they became so familiar to me like I do really know them in person. Their writings brought us closer, I came to know whatever they did that day, whether something or someone made them happy nor sad. Just then, I too begun writing my daily musings. Short, stupid posts but I never cared. It totally became my online diary as I became lazy to keep a personal diary anymore. I had my Xanga account for years but totally abandoned it, I think my last post was three years ago when I confessed a dirty secret on it, haha.
Last time when I went back for a short vacation in Manila, we went to a bookstore to buy a planner for my mom as she needs to keep track of her BP. I looked through the selection of diaries that they were selling and noticed that the choices became limited unlike before. Well, I can’t blame them for that as nowadays people prefer to keep blogs to record their lives on social media rather than making an effort to write down the experiences using a pen and notebook. And I’m one of those people.
However nowadays, I prefer to read than to write. I can spend my whole day reading various blogs, mangas, stories whether it is fiction or based on reality, recipes, histories and so on.
And I realized that though I resigned from my previous jobs five times already, I still can’t write a good resignation letter. And worst, I never left a copy for myself so I can use as a future reference. So it means every time I decided to resign, I always search over the internet a good resignation letter sample and rewrite just like it my own. Silly me.
Well, I guess it’s still not too late to restart writing again. More peanuts and other brain boosters to enhance my way of thinking, teehee…

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