Friday, July 24, 2015

remembering one of my flights with etihad

So I just finished reading a blog of a former flight attendant of SQ. I like to read things like that as I somehow get an insight of what's really happening behind those beautiful smiles they flashes on every passenger.

I once had a good experience with an EY staff. I was on a flight back to Abu Dhabi and due to heavy fog back then, most of connecting flights from Abu Dhabi are rebooked. Passengers which flights are up to Abu Dhabi only are allowed to board so the aircraft is almost empty, eventhough the actual flight was delayed for more than five hours. I was so tired that time and by the time we boarded, I'm almost in the brink of falling asleep. I had my stuffed pillow in the shape of big head of Brown (from Line app) and I put in the seat beside me as I fix my seatbelt with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, I noticed the stewardess putting the seatbelt to Brown. I couldn't help not to smile but I told her it's not necessary. She smiled sweetly and told me she just wanted to ensure that Brown will be safe beside me. At that moment, I sort of felt impressed with her professionalism. Or maybe she wants to avoid a flying Brown when the airplane takes of, haha. But my story doesn't end there.

You see, my sister asked me a favor if I can get her the pair of utensils of EY as she likes to keep them as a souvenir. Actually, it is really really embarassing to get it as someone shouldn't keep it as it's the property of the airline (though they will dispose it later on). But silly me couldn't say no and I actually promised her that I will get one so I cannot take back my words. So after the meal, I put my thick face mode on and shyly asked the stewardess if it's possible for me to keep the utensils as a souvenir. I saw her hesitant look so I immediately told her that it's absolutely okay if it's not allowed. I felt so embarrassed that time that I gave her my most sorry look. But later on she told me in a very low voice to keep it but must not tell anybody (yet I'm writing it in my blog). I never felt so happy at that time like I won something important. But you see, the way she says no first in a very professional way and the way she said okay later on gave me a different impression with the crew staff of EY. It's not that much but I highly appreciate it very much.

So when we were about to go out of the plane, I saw her in the exit and thanked her again. She's the same lady who attended me the whole flight. Not so sure if she remembers me but I'm still thankful to her that I was able to fulfill my promise to my sister (that memorable utensils I gave to her when I flew back to Manila for a short trip a few months later).

In reality, a lot of times I felt discriminated (or is it only my imagination) over Angmohs during flights. Seems like they do treat Asians differently. So I somehow started ignoring the flights attendants unless I needed something to them (though I was never rude to them albeit never friendly either) or it's meal time. But because of that one incident with EY, I sort of come to like to fly with them again. Waaaa... I'm being a total traitor to my current company as EY is their competitor, haha. Anyway, this is one factor why everytime they asked me if I like EY, I always said yes. Aside from the fact that they do direct flights to Manila, wahaha.


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